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finding balance


Video by Shaelan Butler (2017)
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Disconnect to reconnect

Olabe is a 450 year old traditional farmhouse on the Basque coast. Since 2016, new owners Joseba & Joanna, have given new life to Olabe, converting it into a cultural hub that brings people together; a place to disconnect from the fast pace of modern life, and reconnect with nature in a very practical way.

There is accommodation for up to 32 guests, a fully equipped, self-catering kitchen, 5 bathrooms and a 180m2 event space that is perfect for courses, workshops, events and retreats.


Olabe is fully equipped with everything you need to make your stay enjoyable.

Self-catering kitchen

A large, comfortable kitchen with induction hobs, oven, microwave, kettle, coffee machine, toaster and an industrial dishwasher that washes your dishes in just 2 minutes.

Event space

A 150m2 (1600 ft2) event space. Perfect for large groups of up to 100 people, the room is equipped with tables, chairs, sofas, a children's zone, chill-out area and bar.


There are five bathrooms at Olabe, with seven showers as well as an outdoor hot water shower for surfers returning from the beach.

High speed internet

Various internet points throughout the property ensure that high-speed, fibre optic wi-fi broadband is always available. The password is "disconnect" (all lower case).


There is space on-site for up to 12 vehicles and sufficient room for a large mini-bus to turn around comfortably and safely. Public transport to Lekeitio and Bilbao is available at the top of the lane.


We have space to comfortably sleep 32 guests across 6 bedrooms. There is a room for couples, a family room for 6, three dormitory style rooms for 6, 8 and 9 guests as well as a bedroom and bathroom suited for people with reduced mobility.

Olabe - Basque Country farmhouse, hostel and cultural event space
Olabe – our family-fun traditional Basque farmhouse that has been converted into a hostel for 32 people and a cultural event space
A direct bus service to/from Bilbao stops at the end of the lane
Explore the native woodland of Oak, Ash, Hazel and Willow
Don’t miss the San Bartolome festival on 24 August each year
A 10 minute walk through the pine woods takes you down into the beautiful Basque fishing village of Ea.
We are very close to the sea and some great surf spots, reef breaks and coves
Our fields are kept trim by our flock of Basque Sasi ardi sheep


Finding balance

These days, instead of working things out, we tend to look them up. Our knowledge of nature is being lost to fast-moving technological advances. At Olabe, we seek to re-address this imbalance.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert EinsteinTheoretical physicist

Don't worry about your life, food, drink, your body or clothes... Look at the birds!


Man's achievements are the greatest threat to his survival - and that of every living being!

Godfrey BowenNZ Sheep Shearer

There has never been a time when more people are out of touch with the natural world than now.

Sir David AttenboroughBroadcaster / Natural Historian



Visitors to Olabe
Countries represented

As we breathe new life into this farm, people from all walks of life come together.
In doing so, we learn from one another and build friendships based on trust and respect.

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Olabe was featured on this 2017 Basque TV show
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If the people lack vision, they shall perish! Joseba and Joanna have an inspiring vision! Make it happen guys through thick and thin.

Martin McGeoughIreland

Basque culture is written all over Olabe. The vision to use it for people to unplug and reconnect with nature and their Creator is awesome.

Rick WalkerSeattle (USA)

We would absolutely recommend everyone to visit Joseba and Joanna, and help them in bringing Olabe back to life.

Ingebord VatHolland

An unbelievable experience! Learning about your family and the Basque way of life has really found a spiritual son in me for sure.


An amazing place, bringing all sorts of people together. I have really enjoyed my time here and it has helped to renew my relationship with God.

Charlie HallamUnited Kingdom

The highlight from last year for sure was the day we went out as a family to work at Olabe in August. Thank you for all of the work that you are doing there!

Mandy BrownPortland, USA
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