The south-west side of Olabe desperately needs landscaping, in order to give us safe access to woods and land at the rear of the house. We will need to sort and save all of the good stones that we can use in the future for building walls and other structures. A local topographer has helped us plot the relief and will guide us on the best solution for excavator work. Our building company Eguraitz have their own excavator and dumper truck but it will cost us €400 to have them delivered. Their expert digger operator is available for hire at €62 per hour. We estimate 3-4 days work, including distributing topsoil.

The best price we have found to date for topsoil is €250 per truck (15 tonnes per load). We will need at least 3 truck loads.


Excavator and dumper: €400
Expert digger operator: €62 / hour
Topsoil: €750 (45 tonnes approx)



May 2021

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